Il cantuccio sul Garda – Relais di charme was born from an old 19th century house that had been uninhabited for many years and in decay.

The structure has been finely renovated in 2020, combining new and modern materials with the flavor of antique furniture recovered largely in the old attic belonging to the grandfather or in the antique markets of the area. Experiencing this timeless atmosphere means tasting the personality of each environment and each room, which are the result of care and attention to details but, above all, of the unique pieces that compose them.

The names of the rooms are another peculiarity of our house: the delicate sweetness of each room is in fact associated with a typical biscuit of the Italian pastry tradition, whose history inspires the interior design. Ingredients, different typical flavors and shapes come together for a unique and surprisingly harmonious result.

Of course, you will never miss a taste of one of our biscuits for breakfast